Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am on a purse kick right now.  I have scoured the internet looking at different styles and designs. This is my first design, I love these they are colorful and not to hard to make.  There are still some things that I will change about them but I have an idea to start selling them on Etsy a website that helps crafty people sell their items online.  I would love some input! I need to know what you look for in a purse, 2 straps or 1, pockets, do you like a flap to close or clasp.  If you have any suggestions leave a comment thanks.


Havalah said...

did I tell you that I just love the purse. I wish I was closer so that you could tutor me in sewing, maybe when I come to visit you.

Joy said...

I need to email you the material I found. I really like your purses but you know me. Bigger in the purse area and shorter with the straps. I have to be able to fit my wallet, book, and water bottle. Oh I prefer the magnet button. Those are awesome. Love ya

Jess said...

I'm with Joy on the size of purse, because I have so much stuff I tote around. I know others that are content with a smaller purse. Definitely inner pockets and I think the quilted look is really nice.