Tuesday, September 16, 2008

7 Layer Studio - Bow Tie Tutorial

So there is this amazing woman named Shelly that is actually one of my sister's friends from Hawaii.  When I was looking all over the internet for cute diaper bag/ purse ideas my sister sent me to her blog.  And she was nice enough to give me some tips on how she created her cute bags, that inspired my purses I posted about earlier.  She has some great tutorials and ideas for both girls and boys. But so far this is my favorite boy tutorial, the Bow Tie.  I have made bow ties out of fabric before and they aren't the easiest or quickest things to make.  So her ribbon bow ties are simple and very cute! I can't wait to find some awesome ribbon and make them for my boys.  I am thinking matching christmas, easter, 4th of july and any other holiday I can think off.

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Jess said...

That is so clever! I'm glad you have a crafty blog with boy ideas, because I haven't been very good at finding those and I'll probably end up with having some boys...so thanks in advance!