Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Sanity

I hate the first post, I am not sure what to say.  First I guess I will just explain the blog.  I am a Mom of 3 boys and I love sewing over the last years I had started giving up on finding things to sew for my boys, besides vest and bow ties.  I really was lost, I wanted to create cute girly things, like dresses and cute clothes.  Then after finding out last winter that I was having another boy, I decided it didn't matter. I was going to just have to try harder and find things to create for them. And also to create some fun girl things so I could keep my sanity, so I started becoming addicted to craft blogs. I have over 40 in my feeds and I am constantly adding more.  My sister Joy convinced me I needed to start a craft/hobby blog separate from my family blog.  Since my third son was born I have done some sewing and will start with the items I have created this summer. Also I will be sharing some of my favorite blogs where I receive my inspirations. My gaol is to share one new craft blog and one new item I have created each week.  We will see how well I do.

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