Monday, September 22, 2008

Help I need Ideas for Halloween!

So I just realized how close October is and I haven't even thought of costumes yet. I would love to make them myself and have a theme for the boys. I am thinking that Colin will have his own ideas of what he wants to be. I am thinking I need some ideas that I can suggest to him. I am hoping to come up with something that Colin and Conner would love and that I could add Colby into. So please suggest any ideas that you have... and just for fun and because they are a sorta of crafts pictures of the boys previous costumes.
Halloween 2006 - Mario (Conner) & Luigi (Colin)
Halloween 2007 - Ewok (Conner) & Luke Skywalker (Colin)


Our Family said...

The first thing that comes to mind is The Three Musketeers. :) I love their costumes from previous years, especially the Mario Brothers. They look just like them!

Anjuli Fry said...

Dear our family, thanks for the suggestion. I know this sounds funny but do you have a blog or do I know you personally? If not how did you find my blog, I would love to know you better?

Havalah said...

Maybe they are still to young for them, but maybe little wizards. Or hobbits, or 3 stooges (briggs idea, colby could be the one with a bald head), the incredibles, Robin Hood and Little John, old school robbers (with the masks) or jailers. Anyway, those are just random ideas that Brigg and I quickly thought of. I'm sure you will come up with something clever.

Natalie said...

how about three blind mice. you can keep them warm in cute little grey jumpers and how about some stylish sun glasses.

I am sure whatever you dicide will be awesome!

p.s thanks for stopping by my blog;)