Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Notebook

I have been struggling with organizing all my papers that I need to keep, they normally end up in a pile that I go through a couple times a week.  So when I saw this simple idea on the blog "The Gift Closet" I knew it would work perfect for us.  I needed a way to keep things simple and safe.  I have a pile of things Colin has done at school that eventually will probably have there own notebook but for right now this will work great.  There is a deferent section for my piles and I can always add more.  I finally sat down and made it last night between Colby's 15 min naps. But I got it done, now I just need to buy more page protectors.

Front Page
Contact & Medical Info
Colin's Section
Conner's section
Colby's section
Craft Ideas

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Joy said...

I love anything that helps organize.