Monday, October 6, 2008

Chapter books

Colin is having his first book fair at his school and I am wondering what the first chapter books you read to your children were?  Why I ask is because I just realized that Colin follows stories really well.  Here is how it happened:  I borrowed "The Spiderwick Chronicles" on CD from the library to listen to around town. I haven't seen the movie yet and wanted to read the books first, since they are short, I figured it would be fun to listen to while running errands.  Colin loved listening to the story also.  If I had to rewind it when we got back in the car he would tell me that we had all ready heard that part.  I have read short picture books to them but I think that it would be fun to read a chapter book together. It would be something just for him and I, we would read a chapter before quiet time.  So what are some great books out there that a 4 almost 5 year old would enjoy? 

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Our Family said...

I really liked reading Beverly Cleary's books when I was little. She wrote all the Ramona the Pest books, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Henry Huggins, and Otis Spofford.

She uses simple language, but the stories are so much fun! We recently listened to Henry Huggins with Nathaniel, and he really liked it. Henry has fun adventures doing "boy things." He makes money catching nightcrawlers, wins a prize in a dog show after accidentally turning his dog pink, etc...